Strand 3: IT Systems

The student who is compling each set of notes is listed below the topic

3.4 Internet

THe internet and World Wide Web are omnipresent in contemporary society. This topic introduces ITGS students to the technology that enables access to the internet.
The manu uses, problems, advantage, disadvantage will be discussed along with all the hardware that makes the internet so vital to the world's ecomony.

It Concepts to be addressed in this topic


Student in charge
WWW, URL, internet, intranet, extranet
Internet protocols: for example. HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TCP/IP
IP address
kyle Peverelle
Modem, browser, ISP, bandwidth, download, upload, streaming audio/video, compression, decompression, cache

Domain names, domain name system (DNS)
Trilok Patel
Features of a website for example, hyperlinks, navigation, metatags, tags forms
Features of a browser: for example: bookmarks, visited links, tabs
Web based languages: for example, hypertext markup language (HTML), Java Script
Adding Functionality to a browser (for example Plug ins)
Data driven website: for example, active server page extended (ASPX) personal home page

Site management: for example, web hosting, uploading
Kyle Peverelle
Other site use: for example, bounce rate, click throught rate (CTR), avatar, profile


Student in charge
Search Engines, web crawlers/spider, search directories, search techniques, filtering, keyword density, keyword prominance, ranking of sites

Social networking: for example, newsgroups, message boards, chat rooms, forums, instant messaging

Email email server list server
Web 2.0, Web3.0 and beyond, collaborative online tools, for example, wikis, blogs, micro-blogs, RDF (resource description framework) site summary feeds, RSS (really simple syndication) feeds, mashups, forums, social bookmarking, online collaborative applications, podcasts, photocasts, vidcasts, oscial netowrking sites, templates, tagging, viral marketing, webcasts, widgets, virtual worlds and learning environments

Web databases, encyclopedias


Student in Charge