Strand 3: IT Systems

3.4 Internet

Web languages

HTML was originally designed for sharing documents that were for research and not really for the massive multimedia that the web has become. So to accommodate all that is offered now on the web programing languages have been made specifically for running programs on the web. Much of the programing languages are free to use and also change or modify and so many people use them, professional and your average user.

The more common programing languages that you will encounter will be:


external image 100px-Java_logo.svg.png
Java is a programing language that can be run on any type of computer, regardless of how it codes, though a program must be installed on the computer ( a virtual machine). This allows a programer to make a program once and be ablke to have used anywhere else.This has a great application on the web as a program can be made and then anyone can use it. Java is the leading programing language on the web partly because of this. Java is similar to C++ in as how you program.


JavaScript (which has nothing to do with Java really) is a language that is embedded into a HTML file to make web pages more dynamic, like opening a new window of a certain size, or to check to see that all the information has been inserted in a form before accepting it, or the changing of images as a user interacts with them.


This was a program that was designed specifically for the web for making more dynamic web pages. This is another program that is embedded in the HTML file but can be used more widely spread than another language like VBScript and is more popular than JavaScript


VBScript (Visual Basic) is a programing language which are used by embeding small scrips and programs into a HTML file, alowing more funconalityh than which HTML can support. But VBScript is microsoft developed and so only copmuters that use Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer can run a VBScript script and so is not used for when different computers need to use it.

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